Egg Electrode Paste

Overview of Electrode Paste:

Electrode paste is a solderberg paste, also called self-baking electrodes. It is mainly used as carbon electrodes in electric arc furnace, which is for the production of various types of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Söderberg-type electrode paste is produced from calcined petroleum coke (or calcined pitch coke), calcined anthracite, coal tar pitch and other additional materials. Our plant only uses the best quality raw materials.

Egg Electrode Paste:

In 2019, our annual production capacity of Carbon Paste Electrode (CPE) is approximately 200,000 MT, and 60,000MT of RP HP UHP Graphite Electrodes.

We supply electrode paste with customized specifications to perfectly mach each furnace condition. Our electrode paste, also called solderberg paste electrode is at a very low consumption, high density, and good electric conductivity, etc. To reduce customers` production cost and time is always our priority.

Now Our products have exported to Europe, Middle East, Central Asian with good reputation among customers. Given previous successes, we aim to enlarge our global market in the near future.

Egg Electrode Paste

Electrode Paste Application:

Ferrous alloys

Non-ferrous alloys

Calcium carbide

Metal cleaning

Electrode Paste Form:

Oval or briquette carbon electrode paste

Egg carbon electrode paste

Trapezoid carbon electrode paste

Cylinder electrode paste

Egg Electrode Paste

Our Electrode Paste Features:

1, ISO9001 certified–excellent quality control ensures stability and reliability in use.

2, Products where only the best raw materials are used, which ensures low electrode consumption and low breakage rate

3, Total annual production capacity exceeds 200,000 ton

4, Very competitive prices help reduce total production cost a lot.

5, Custom orders produced specially according to your furnace condition by our engineers.

Electrode Paste Specifications:

Item Parameter Value
Si <0.28%
Fe <0.25
P 0.00%
Ash content 2-10%
Resistivity 55-90μΩm
V.M. 10.0-15.0
Bulk Density >1.46 g/cm3
Compression Strength >18Mpa
Apparent Density >1.42 g/cm3
Rupture Density >4.0
Real Density >1.98 g/cm3

Electrode Paste Group founded in 1992, is a comprehensive carbon related products manufacturer & exporter from China, products covering Graphite Electrodes, Electrode Paste, Refractory, Flake Graphite, Petroleum Coke, and related products. Maintaining the high quality of both our products and services is vital to the long-term success of our company. We cooperate closely with customers in the steel, steel refining and non ferrous smelting industries worldwide.

Annual Production Capacity:

Graphite Electrode: 60,000 MT/year

Electrode Paste: 200,000 MT/year

Calcined Coke: 250,000 MT/year

Refractories: 20000 MT /year

Electrode Paste Grade:

Unbaked paste

Baked paste

Long-term Stable Cooperation with Our Customers:

Package:briquette shapes of oval and Trapezoid electrode paste are packed in bag, cylinder shape electrode paste are packed by wooden pallet.

Certificates: We will apply for a certificate according to customers’ request.

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