RP Graphite Electrode

The main raw material for graphite electrode production is petroleum coke. Regular power graphite electrodes can be added with a small amount of pitch coke, and the sulfur content of petroleum coke and pitch coke cannot exceed 0.5%. RP Graphite Electrode

The resistivity of RP graphite electrodes is relatively high, which is affected by the production process and manufacturing materials
RP Graphite Electrode
Compared with high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes, regular power graphite electrodes have higher resistivity.
Therefore, RP graphite electrodes are often used in steelmaking furnaces with a small output, which can ensure that the materials in the steelmaking furnace can be fully melted for the next step in steelmaking.

The high resistivity of regular graphite electrodes is affected by the production process and manufacturing materials.
Compared with HP and UHP graphite electrodes, RP electrodes have a shorter production cycle, a lower degree of graphitization in the production process, and a lower content of needle coke.
These factors lead to the characteristics of high resistivity and low volume density of regular graphite electrodes.
Due to the deviation of the production process and production materials, the price of RP electrodes is lower than that of high-power, ultra-high-power graphite electrodes.
If your steelmaking furnace has a large output, it is recommended to use HP graphite electrodes or UHP graphite electrodes, which can improve the production efficiency of the steelmaking furnace, and at the same time avoid the work steps of frequent replacement of electrodes during the production process.

RP Graphite Electrode

Regular Power Graphite Electrodes Specifications

Item Unit Graphite Electrode
Typical Value
Resistivity Electrode μΩm 7.0-10.0
Nipple 4.0-4.5
Modulus of Rupture Electrode Mpa 8.0-10.0
Nipple 19.0-22.0
Young’s Modulus Electrode Gpa 7.0-9.3
Nipple 12.0-14.0
Bulk Density Electrode g/m³ 1.53-1.56
Nipple 1.70-1.74
CTE(100-600℃) Electrode 10-6/℃ 2.2-2.6
Nipple 2.0-2.5
Ash % 0.5

RP graphite electrode production advantages

· Adhere to the stricter standards and procedures in the same industry to ensure an effective quality management system.
· With high-quality standards, there are strict control measures from raw materials to final factory production.
· All materials are tested to ensure compliance with industry standards before entering the manufacturing stage.
· High quality, excellent customer service, and operational reliability.

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