UHP 600 Ultra-high Power Graphite Electrode

The ultra-high-power graphite electrodes sales by Rongxin Group have strict control measures from raw materials to final factory production. All materials are tested to ensure compliance with industry standards before entering the manufacturing stage.

Graphite eletrode

Graphite electrode, mainly from the domestic petroleum coke and imported needle coke, is widely used in electric arc furnace,ladle furnace, submerged arc electric furnace for theproduction of alloy steel, metal and nonmetallic materials. 
Our graphite electrodes include regular power, high power, and ultra high power. They are characterized by low resistivity, good electric and thermal conductivity, high resistance to oxidation and thermal shock, high mechanical strength, ect.  Our plant offers various dimensions and grades to meet customers’ requirements for the specific applications.

Graphite Electrode for Electric Arc Furnace

1. Be used for Steelmaking arc furnaces, refining furnace, as conducting electrode.
2. Be used for Metal-silicon furnace, Or-giraffe furnace, Corundum furnace etc. As conducting electrode 

1. Good electrical conductivity.
2. Strong thermal shock resistance.
3. High mechanical strength.

1. RP (Regular Power)
2. HP (High Power)
3. UHP (Ultra High Power)
UHP 600 Ultra-high Power Graphite Electrode

UHP 600 Ultra-high Power Graphite Electrode

Diameter φ600mm
Resistivity 4.8-5.8 μΩm
Modulus of Rupture 10.0-14.0 Mpa
Young's Modulus 10.0-14.0 Gpa
Bulk Density 1.68-1.74 g/cm³
CTE 1.1-1.4 10-6/℃
Ash 0.3%

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