Comparison of carbon electrode and self-baking electrode

The biggest advantage of carbon electrode publicity is energy saving. If you look at the use process of carbon electrodes and self-baking electrodes, it is true that carbon electrodes use less energy, but whether a product is energy-saving depends on the whole process from production to use of the product. Look.

The total energy consumption of the carbon electrode:

According to the GB21370-2008 energy consumption quota for carbon products, we select the large diameter index of carbon electrodes as 1670 kgce/t (note: kilograms of standard coal/ton), and a ton of ferroalloy consumes 20 kg of carbon electrodes, which is the all-rounder for producing one ton of carbon electrodes for ferroalloys. The consumption is 33.41670 kgce/t.

Total energy consumption of self-baking electrode:

The electrode paste production process is simple and consumes less energy. Generally, manufacturers can control the energy consumption below 30001670 kgce/t. A ton of ferroalloy consumes 25 kg of electrode paste. For self-baking electrodes, each kilogram of electrode paste needs to consume 1kwh of electricity, according to standard coal. The calculated conversion factor is 122.91670 kgce/t, and the total energy consumption for producing one ton of self-baking electrode for ferroalloy is 10.57 kgce/t.

Comparison of carbon electrode and self-baking electrode

In fact, in addition to the high-temperature roasting of the carbon electrode in the manufacturer, when used in the furnace, the temperature still needs to be heated from room temperature to over 1000 degrees Celsius and a secondary roasting is required. The energy consumption is almost the same as that of the self-baking electrode. The baked electrode only needs to be heated once. From the perspective of total energy consumption, the carbon electrode is three times that of the self-baking electrode. The production process of the electrode paste can save a lot of energy because it does not require baking and mechanical processing. The self-baking electrode naturally uses part of the smoke from the submerged furnace during the baking process. Gas heat can achieve a certain energy saving effect. Compared with self-baking electrodes, the energy consumption of carbon electrodes is much greater than that of self-baking electrodes.

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