Cold ramming paste

Introduction of Our Cold Ramming Paste

Cold ramming paste is a carbon material used for masonry, widely used in aluminum reduction cell, blast furnace, smelting furnace, calcium carbide furnace and other industrial furnaces, filling the gap between charcoal and cooling equipment, charcoal and charcoal, charcoal and firebrick.

Cold ramming paste is made from high temperature electrical calcite anthracite coal, artificial graphite, and natural graphite. Coal tar pitch, coal tar, and anthracite oil mixed oil additives as binder, through the broken, ingredients, stirring and kneading for construction at ambient temperature.

Cold ramming paste

Advantages of Our Products:

Our cold ramming paste can be constructed in the normal temperature range of 17-42 °C. There is no asphalt smoke during construction, which improves the working environment of the construction personnel; HG cold ramming paste is designed according to international standards, with good thermal shock resistance and roasting shrinkage rate is less than 0.15% with good tamping, and with no delamination.

Our cold ramming paste is formed once after high temperature baking, with good thermal insulation, high strength, scouring resistance, seamless gap, low furnace construction cost and extended service life, which can ensure high production of the furnace and long-term use. Our cold ramming paste has low softening point and high volatile content.

Cold ramming paste

Specification of Cold Ramming Paste

Ash % ≤1.5
V.M % ≤12.0
Compressive Strength(Mpa) ≤12.0
Bulk density g/cm3 ≥1.65
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient (200℃)W/m.k ≥1.65

Cold Ramming Paste Physical and chemical performance index

Items Data
Ash Content 8-12%
V.M 11-15%
Compressive Strength 15-30
Bulk density 1.38-1.48 g/cm3
True specific gravity 1.87-1.93 (g/cm3)
Resistivity 70-85 Ω
Compressive strength ≥12MPa
Porosit 25-35%

Cold ramming paste


Cold ramming paste is widely used in industrial kilns such as aluminum reduction cells, iron-making blast furnaces, smelting furnaces, calcium carbide furnaces.

The main purpose of the ramming paste, both in the joints between the cathode blocks and in the peripheral seam, is to fill the voids between the prebaked blocks and prevent metal and bath from penetrating the cathode. Leakage of metal and electrolyte damages the cathode and may lead to premature pot failure.

Ramming paste is a critical part of the cathode. Early pot failures and reduced pot life may seriously impact smelter economics. Consistent and high quality ramming paste products installed according to optimised procedures are required to provide a basis for improved operation and longer pot life.


1. Do not squeeze during loading and transportation to avoid tamping in advance.

2. Storage conditions require normal temperature, avoid light and avoid wind.

3. The storage time of cold paste should not be too long, and the shelf life is generally within one year, to avoid the paste from drying out due to the evaporation of the binder. The use of expired or dry cold ramming paste may cause delamination and uneven quality during construction, increasing the risk of leaking during roasting and operation.

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