UHP 650 Ultra-high Power Graphite Electrode

Ultra-high-power graphite electrodes provide high-temperature heat sources for electric arc furnaces, mine thermoelectric furnaces, and resistance furnaces for smelting.

Electric Arc Steelmaking Furnace

Graphite electrode materials can be mainly used for electric furnace steelmaking. Electric furnace steelmaking uses research graphite electrodes to introduce working current into the furnace. The powerful current at the lower end of the electrode can affect arc discharge through these gas environments, and the heat generated by the arc is used for smelting. The size of the electric capacity is equipped with graphite electrodes with different diameters, which can be used continuously, and the connection between the electrodes against the electrode joints.

Submerged electric furnace

It is mainly used to produce iron furnace ferroalloy, pure silicon, yellow phosphorus, calcium carbide and matte. Its characteristic is that the lower part of the conductive electrode is buried in the charge. Therefore, in addition to the heat generated by the arc between the electric plate and the charge, the current passes through the charge At this time, heat is also generated by the electrical resistance of the charge.

Resistance furnace

In the production process, the graphitization furnace for graphite material products, the furnace and production of melting technical glass, and the electric furnace for silicon carbide are all resistance furnaces. The management of the materials in the furnace is both a heating resistor and an object to be heated.
UHP 650 Ultra-high Power Graphite Electrode

UHP 650 Ultra-high power graphite electrode

Diameter φ650mm
Resistivity 4.8-5.8 μΩm
Modulus of Rupture 10.0-14.0 Mpa
Young's Modulus 10.0-14.0 Gpa
Bulk Density 1.68-1.74 g/cm³
CTE 1.1-1.4 10-6/℃
Ash 0.3%

Rongxing group has experts in the field of servicing graphite electrodes. All of our technicians are trained engineers that have worked in furnaces or within graphite manufacturers in the past. We know all of the EAF, Ladle, and Foundry applications throughout China and Middleast Countries.Beyond the standard procedure of selling electrodes, we help the customer in many ways. This includes identifying a problem before it happens, increasing productivity, training employees on the job, and solving any problems the customer may have at that time. We offer many services including performance analysis, storage in our warehouses, inspection of accessories, and monitoring the furnace.
Rongxing engineers periodically check and measure the conditions of the electrode clamps on the electric arc furnaces and provide technical support when the clamping pressure is regulated.
Our experienced engineers offer an all-round support to the customers for taking our UHP electrodes into operation. They check and analyse the customers’ furnace conditions in order to achieve an optimal performance of the graphite electrodes and a decrease of the specific electrode consumption.

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