Graphite electrode is a kind of high temperature resistant g

Classification of graphite electrode: ordinary power graphite electrode (RP); High power graphite electrode (HP); Quasi-ultra-high power graphite electrode (SHP); Ultra high power graphite electrode (UHP).

1.Make refractory   
One of the main uses of graphite is to produce refractory materials, including refractory bricks, crucibles, continuous casting powder, casting core, casting detergent and high temperature resistant materials   
Crucible and related products shaped and refractory crucible and related products made of graphite, such as crucible, curved neck bottle, plug and nozzle, have high fire resistance and low thermal expansion, and are soaked by metal in the process of smelting metal   The graphite crucible and its related products are widely used in the process of directly melting metal.

2 Steelmaking   
Graphite and other impurity materials can be used as carburizing agent when they are used in steelmaking industry. Carburizing uses a wide range of carbonaceous materials, including artificial graphite, petroleum coke, metallurgical coke and natural graphite. Graphite used as carburizing agent in steelmaking is still one of the main uses of earthy graphite all over the world.

(1) Used for arc steelmaking furnace

Graphite electrode material can be mainly used in electric furnace steelmaking. Electric furnace steelmaking is to use the study of graphite electrode into the furnace working current, strong current at the bottom of the electrode can be influenced by the gas environment arc discharge, the use of heat generated by arc smelting. The size of the capacitance of a continuously usable electrode equipped with graphite electrodes of different diameters against the connection between electrodes. The graphite used as electrode material for steelmaking accounts for about 70 ~ 80% of the total amount of graphite electrode used in China.

2) Used in mineral thermal electric furnace

Used for the production of mainly iron furnace ferroalloy, pure silicon, yellow phosphorus, calcium carbide and matte, its characteristic is that the lower part of the conductive electrode is buried in the charge, so in addition to the electric arc between the plate and the charge to generate heat, the current through the charge by the resistance of the charge also generates heat.

(3) For resistance furnace

In the production process, graphitization furnace for graphite material products, melting glass furnace and production and electric furnace for silicon carbide are all resistance furnace. The material management in the furnace is both a heat resistance and the object to be heated.

(4) a large number of graphite electrode blank is also used for processing into a variety of crucible, graphite boat, hot die casting mold and vacuum electric furnace heating body and other special-shaped products.

It should also be noted that in the graphite materials including graphite electrode, graphite mold and graphite crucible three kinds of high temperature composite materials, in the high temperature of the three graphite materials, graphite is easy to oxidation combustion reaction, thus on the surface of the plastic material carbon layer, improve the life of the porosity structure loose.

3 as conductive material   
Graphite is widely used in the electrical industry as electrode, brush, carbon rod, carbon tube, positive electrode of mercury rectifier, graphite gasket, telephone parts, coating of TV picture tube and so on. Among them, graphite electrode is the most widely used in smelting   When planting alloy steel and ferroalloy, graphite electrode is used. At this time, strong current is introduced into the smelting area of the electric furnace through the electrode to generate electric arc, so as to convert electric energy into heat energy, and the temperature rises to about 2000 degrees, so as to achieve smelting or reverse melting   The purpose of the should be. In addition, when electrolyzing metal magnesium, aluminum and sodium, the anode of the electrolytic cell also uses graphite electrode. The resistance furnace for producing emery also uses graphite electrode as furnace head conductive material.

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