The impact of graphite electrodes on the environment

Similar to the comparison of energy consumption, comparing the environmental impact between the two can not only compare the environmental protection status under the conditions of use, but also the environmental impact of the entire process of production and use of the two. Both the electrode paste and the carbon electrode require a baking process, which is nothing more than whether this process is carried out in a carbon plant or a ferroalloy plant. Because of the need for mechanical processing, the carbon electrode can only reach 85% of the utilization rate, while the electrode paste is only partially transported and consumed, and the utilization rate can reach more than 98%. Therefore, the self-baking electrode has a smaller impact on the environment than the carbon electrode.

The roasting of the self-baking electrode in the submerged arc furnace is shown in Figure 1.

During the sintering process, the asphalt undergoes a large number of complex decomposition, polymerization, and cyclization reactions, which will discharge some water, carbon dioxide, and light compounds. The sintered electrode has better gas permeability than the liquid electrode paste, so most of the light compounds are The electrode shell, ribs and the firing electrode gap overflow downwards and burn below the holder, thus significantly reducing the damage to the operators working above the furnace: the upward overflowing part and the part of the smoke volatilized from the liquid electrode paste pass by When the electrode paste column is produced, it will be cooled and become liquid again. With the large-scale and automated development of submerged arc furnaces, measures such as the treatment of flue gas and dust have been put in place. The flue gas generated during the sintering process of self-baking electrodes is minimal to the flue gas generated during the smelting process of submerged arc furnaces and can be combined with submerged heat The flue gas in the furnace is being processed

The impact of graphite electrodes on the environment

Therefore, it is wrong to describe the electrode paste as a backward product with high energy consumption and high pollution. To a certain extent, it also dances to the formulation of the national industry sector’s industrial policy and the local government’s list of reduced production capacity.

Whether a product belongs to an industry with high energy consumption and high pollution needs to be viewed in the whole process from production to use. If it is only partly not energy-saving and the whole process is low-energy-consuming, it shouldn’t be a high-energy-consuming industry.

There are no backward products, only backward enterprises. If the market has demand, companies will have room for development. Local energy consumption is high, and companies can reduce energy consumption through technological advancement. If pollution is large, they can also increase investment in environmental protection.

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